Yoga for Women.
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well-being and beauty
Hapi Woman™ is a Carlsbad Yoga and Enrichment Center specifically tailored for the evolution of the woman in today's world.

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Yoga Classes

From a gentle flow, to a vigorous practice, we have a class for everyone, whether just starting out, a seasoned Yogi, or practicing while pregnant. View Descriptions

Weekly Enrichment Classes

Woman can not live on Yoga alone! We have put together weekly classes to nuture the creativity that allows a Hapi Woman to fully express herself. View Descriptions


Want to go a little deeper, we thought so. Workshops are a great way to fully immerse yourself in either Yoga practice or a creativity workshop. Learn a lot in a short amount of time.

hapi Yoga™ Classes


hapi Beginnings™

A safe, supportive and non-competitive envirmonment to practice a standardized sequence of 25 poses. Learn More

hapi Woman™

An all-levels, all-ages flow emphasizing the woman's anatomy, cycle, and emotions. Learn More

Hapi Prenatal™

A safe and natural yoga practice to help open the hips, strengthen the pelvic floor, reduce lower back pain and swelling. Learn More

Hapi Hormones™

A stimulating yoga practice using motion and breath to increase oxygen and blood supply, quiet the mind and strenghthen the body. Learn More

Hapi Being™

A gentle and peaceful yoga practice to quiet a busy mind, repair the body and realeae stress gathered from the day. Learn More

Hapi Together™

Our only couples yoga class encouraging bonding, opening our minds and body with one-anothe. Learn More

Shauna's Story

How Brain Surgery during my pregnancy
allowed me to learn who I really am.

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