What is Hapi Woman?

Hapi Woman is a selected space where women of all ages and stages of life come together to rediscover their well-being and beauty; first within themselves and then to share and champion with one another. We live in a fast paced, over-Googled and over-prescribed culture. Hapi Woman is the place you choose to be a part of when enough is enough! This is where you come when you want to take back the power you give away, the love you neglect to give yourself, the voice you silence to not cause trouble, the creativity you bury because there is not the time, the intuition you do not trust because you have lost it looking up answers online and listening to advcie and opinions that are not your own. Start with learning and committing to daily, weekly, monthly and then yearly disciplines of Yoga and to quiet, open and strengthen the body and mind and then begin to explore and rekindle your relationship with yourself through play, creativity and learning. Hapi Woman is a woman solid and compassionate in the committment she has to love herself - first giving her the space to love everyone around her with her highest and best self.

Shauna's Story


A Carlsbad resident since 1995, I was first introduced to Yoga upon moving to Carlsbad from Las Vegas. Forever the student, I have held a strong drive to learn more about health - of both body and mind. Twelve years later, in 2007, my reasons for study took a dramatic change in motivation. After undergoing Neurosurgery to remove a golfball-sized mass on my cerebellum while in my first trimester of pregnancy, I found myself looking for natural ways to rehabilitate my body and calm my fearful mind.

Now a mother of a beautiful little girl, I realized my commitment to a holistic lifestyle would not only benefit me, but my family as well. From an organic, gluten-free diet, to the physical practice of yoga and mediation - I live what I now teach. I have experienced, first-hand, the healing benefits of Yoga and am excited to share my practice with others.

I decided to become certified as a yoga teacher to first keep my commitment to healing myself. I was told after my surgery that my balance and equalibrium would quickly regress to that of a 90+ year old if I did not conitually nuture it. I choose yoga as my outlet for rehab.

I was encouraged and led by doctors to take an abundance of different presrciption medications, but I resisited.

Through this process I opened up about my health issues to others and found that most women have their battle wounds and stories as well. I didn't feel so scared and alone. I come from a long lineage of women stuck in prescription med traps. As I observed these woman that I love lose their power and faith with their capbilty to heal themselves, it ignited a deep passion for me.

I entered motherhood with some of the grandest contrast I have ever faced and it fueled a fire in me to step up to my highest self. I am a believer of a woman that is guided and then diciplined with her commitment. To first have the courage to love herself, do the things that feed her body, her mind and soul at the highest level. This woman is going to show up and be a hapi sister, mother, aunt, grandmother, girlfriend or whatever title life gives us. A hapi woman is the leader in businesses, homes, schools and communites. We need to see a change in our children, country and future. Start with you and then let that hapiness be shared with everyone you come in contact with.

Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, 200hr RYT with Yoga Alliance. Continuing education in Prenatal Yoga


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