Enrichment Classes

Diet & Nutrition

Learn the basics of healthy eating and habits to incorporate into a daily practice - while emphasising moderation, not absentnence.

Eating healthy doesn't have to be so serious! Coming 2017


Using your hands and creativity, learn the steps to create anything you can dream. Coming 2017


Have fun learning how to start and then wear anyone of our braiding creations. Coming 2017

B12/b complex Happy Hour

Between our monthly cycles, changes in our cycles, stress, childbirth, diet and nutrition, most woman are deficent in b12 (good health, metabolism support, brain and nervous system, and energy ) and B complex (delivers all 8 of the B viatmins, immune booster, heart health and alleviates anxiety). We will have a certified nurse on hand to safely and effectively offer this vitamin support to our clients. Members receieve a discounted price, but drop-ins welcome! Coming 2017


A series to help you learn the basics of hooping adding in a fun, new trick weekly. Coming 2017

Jewelry Making

A series to healp you learn the neccesary steps to create your own jewelery. Coming 2017


Be guided, supported and shown how the daily pratice of jouranling frees your mind,lowers the need of seeking opinions and advice outside of yourself. Become connected with your "inner google" (intuition) solve your own problems, give your own best advice. Coming 2017

Reading Cards

Learn how to read from a Goddess oracle deck. Healthy, Hapi, positive affirmations to take in for yourself and share with others. Coming 2017

Smudging, Setting Space, and Calling in Directions

Learn the fundematals of creating a scared space for our monthly Goddess Circle. Woman of all different beliefs and religions from all over the world, for hundreds of years, have practiced and enjoyed this supportive space to learn from one another and compasionatly bask in our own sisterhood. Coming 2017

Enrichment Classes

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The first step in rediscovering the woman you are is making the commitment to better yourself. At Hapi Woman™ you will be immersed in a practice with women that share the same path as you. Whether you've never done Yoga or you're a seasoned Yogi, your practice is about you.

Take a look at our class descriptions and our class schedule and come see what all the buzz is about. We look foward to meeting you!