Yoga Classes

Hapi Beginnings™

A standardized sequence flow of 25 poses, allowing you to become familiar with the movements, focusing on proper alignment preventing injuries, proper breathing (pranayama) techniques, and mediation. Coming 2017

Hapi Woman™

An all-levels, all-ages flow emphasizing the woman's anatomy, cycle, and emotions. Specific poses to reduce cortisol levels, balance the adrenal glands and hormones. Increase serotonin and gradually reduce pesky symptoms like anxiety, depression and an overstimulated mind. View Schedule

Hapi Prenatal™

A safe and natural yoga practice to help open the hips, strengthen the pelvic floor, reduce lower back pain and swelling. We focus on orchestrating the breath to support your body’s natural birthing process. Coming 2017

Hapi Hormones

A stimulating yoga practice using motion and breath to increase oxygen and blood supply, repair adrenal glands, lower cortisol levels, balance hormones and increase serotonin to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Coming 2017

Hapi Being™

A gentle stretch to curb anxiety, insomnia and stress gathered from the day as well a sanctuary for any women wanting a less active practice. Coming 2017

Hapi Together™

Our only couples yoga class encouraging bonding, opening our minds and body with one-another and creating a sacred space to honor the feminine and masculine that are present in each one of us.Coming 2017

Carlsbad Yoga

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The first step in rediscovering the woman you are is making the commitment to better yourself. At Hapi Woman™ you will be immersed in a practice with women that share the same path as you. Whether you've never done Yoga or you're a seasoned Yogi, your practice is about you.

Take a look at our class descriptions and our class schedule and come see what all the buzz is about. We look foward to meeting you!